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Labrador Retriever’s and Grooming

Labrador Retriever’s and Grooming

A lot of people assume that it is just the long haired breeds of dog which need a regular grooming routine and that the short haired dogs never need to see a brush or comb. This is not quite true as even the short haired ones will benefit from regular grooming.

Labrador Retrievers accumulate dead hair/fur just the same as the long haired breeds do and this needs to be removed prior to brushing, just think of it this way the more you remove now the less you have to remove from your furniture and carpet later! When your Labrador Retriever is still a puppy it is the ideal opportunity to begin a grooming routine with him/her, now the difficulty will probably arise in trying to convince your Labrador Retriever puppy that being groomed is much more fun than nipping at your inviting fingers!

Just start with a soft bristled brush and gently groom your Labrador Retriever’s coat, just be patient and remain calm. The advantage with taking the time now at this early stage of your canine chum’s life is that it will make the whole process a lot simpler when you are dealing with a bigger and stronger Labrador Retriever.

Adopt a regular grooming regime and adhere to it and also maintain a grooming method, begin with a short rake which is designed for shorter haired breeds such as the Labrador Retriever. The rake will remove all the excess dead hair from the coat and allow you to see your dog’s ‘real’ fur without the layer of dead hair, once you have removed this move to a bristle brush and commence grooming your dog.

The bristle brushes are created and designed to actually pull the natural oils from the Labrador Retriever’s coat and then as you brush them repeatedly you are actually re-coating their fur with the oil, therefore leaving them with a beautiful shine to their coat.<

Now when you have finished brushing check your dog’s eyes for any residue sitting in the corners and remove gently with a damp cloth, also check the ears and clean gently with a warm damp cloth. If you notice any odour from your Labrador Retriever’s ears possibly accompanied with them shaking their head ensure you visit the vet as soon as possible as this could well be an indication of an ear infection.

Check your dog’s paws and examine the pads for any splits and also clip your dog’s claws regularly.