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Puppiesforsale is a classified directory for puppies and dogs. Before you decide on which breed is best, please browse our Breed Information section, helping you find the right puppy / dog (or even puppies / dogs) with some useful photos. There are a lot of different breeds available and this should help answer some of your many questions.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect puppy or dog, use the search facility to find your perfect puppy / puppies, within your area. The easy search guide lists a range of puppies, stud dogs and dogs for sale, all within your chosen area.

Contacting adverts older than 7 days is free of charge, but if you want ‘pick of the litter’ and would like to contact the puppies / dogs before anyone else, we recommend you become a member of Puppiesforsale.

If you do happen to find the perfect puppy or dog, we highly recommend you become a member and contact the owners immediately to avoid any disappointment. .Our membership allows you to contact every advert as soon as they are live on the site. All contact details will be revealed immediately and you can be first to see the litter and choose your perfect puppy. Other than a small charge for lifetime membership, Puppiesforsale is completely free of charge.

Please remember all puppies and dogs regardless of breed, size, shape or age, require a lot of attention, money, time, love, training and care. You must ensure you have suitable space, living conditions and time to devote to these loving animals.

Latest Puppies for Sale


Price: £900

Area: Kent

Number: 6

Ready: 20/07/2015

Age of ad: 19 hours


Price: £500

Area: Cardiganshire

Number: 5

Ready: 05/07/2015

Age of ad: 18 hours


Price: £500

Area: Inverness

Number: 5

Ready: 10/08/2015

Age of ad: 22 hours

Cocker Spaniel

Price: £700

Area: Aberdeen

Number: 5

Ready: 15/08/2015

Age of ad: 2 days

Latest Dogs for Sale

Labrador Retriever

Price: £350

Area: Carmarthenshire

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Pedigree: Yes

Age of ad: 15 days

Labrador Retriever

Price: £550

Area: Carmarthenshire

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Pedigree: Yes

Age of ad: 15 days

Standard Poodle

Price: £850.00

Area: Devon

Breed: Standard Poodle

Pedigree: Yes

Age of ad: 19 days

English Bulldog

Price: ££2000

Area: Glamorgan

Breed: English Bulldog

Pedigree: Yes

Age of ad: 20 days

Latest Stud Dogs


Stud Fee: £150

Location: Glasgow

Breed: Chihuahua

Pedigree: Yes



Stud Fee: £200

Location: Cheshire

Breed: Chihuahua

Pedigree: Yes


Miniature Poodle

Stud Fee: £200

Location: Essex

Breed: Miniature Poodle

Pedigree: Yes

KC Name: Lindas Luck at Raz

Shih Tzu

Stud Fee: ££150 kc reg £100 non kc

Location: Merseyside

Breed: Shih Tzu

Pedigree: Yes

KC Name: Golden boy of chil

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Why Puppiesforsale launched

Puppiesforsale began as a result of many failed attempts to purchase our very own puppy.

We were appalled by the number of breeders who were advertising puppies / dogs for sale with little or no regard for the animal's welfare, not to mention the inaccurate advertising of breeds. When we tried to buy our puppy, we were shocked at some of the conditions the puppies (often mis-spelt puppys) were being kept in and by the people breeding them. It soon became apparent that some "breeders" main objective was money making and not the love of their puppies. This is why the Puppiesforsale website was born.

We found, finding the perfect puppy for our home was no easy feat (or should we say paw!) and believe Puppiesforsale will help ease the pain of this process, ensuring you find your perfect furry friend. To help eliminate some of these poor breeding and living standards, all adverts for puppies and dogs on this website are fully vetted for authenticity and Puppiesforsale has done everything possible to ensure the well being of all puppies and dogs listed on this website.

Our aim is to ensure you find your perfect friend for life, with both peace of mind and ease.