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Posted 7 hours ago
£ £450, in Gloucestershire;
8 puppies, ready in 09/03/2016.
Posted 1 day ago
£ 2000, in Yorkshire;
4 puppies, ready in 08/20/2016.
Posted 1 day ago
£ 220, in Nottinghamshire;
7 puppies, ready in 07/26/2016.
Posted 1 day ago
£ 695, in Durham;
6 puppies, ready in 09/09/2016.
250 stud fee in Glamorgan;
KC Name: ,
with Pedigree.
300.00 stud fee in Lancashire;
KC Name: Rickon Emerald,
with Pedigree.
70 stud fee in Lancashire;
KC Name: ,
with Pedigree.
300 stud fee in Merseyside;
KC Name: Allantes's Divine ,
with Pedigree.
Posted 4 weeks ago
£ £380 (new, in Essex;
with Pedigree.
Posted 7 months ago
£ 500, in Surrey;
whithout Pedigree.
Posted 9 months ago
£ £300, in Somerset;
whithout Pedigree.
Posted 9 months ago
£ 200 each, in Lancashire;
with Pedigree.

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Please remember all puppies and dogs regardless of breed, size, shape or age, require a lot of attention, money, time, love, training and care. You must ensure you have suitable space, living conditions and time to devote to these loving animals. To learn more about caring for a puppy, we strongly suggest you read this Puppy Buying Guide, kindly provided to us by the RSPCA.

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