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Origin USA
Classification Working
Height 61-83cm / 24-33in
Weight 24-50kg / 53-110lb
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Exercise High
Easily Trainable Yes
Watchdog Poor
Good with Children Yes
Good with Other Animals Yes
Indoor / Outdoor Living Indoor
Grooming Twice Weekly
Feeding Normal Diet
Size Large

Utonagan Description

A strong and muscular breed of dog, the closest breed in appearance to the Grey Wolf. They have a streamlined chest, a fairly elongated body and a thick neck. Their coat is double layered and dense. They range in colours from solid black or white through to a mixture of greys and tans.

Utonagan Character

The Utonagan is a strong dog although they are muscular they are not a particularly heavy dog, they are intelligent and quick to learn but they become bored easily. They require a lot of exercise and company. Their gait is very long and sloping, they move like a Wolf. Not recommended for novice owners or for very young children, they are too lively and will easily knock a child over. A truly stunning breed.

Please note: This is only a guide.

You must contact a breeder club, read relevant literature and even contact vets to understand the full requirements of this breed.

Please ensure your lifestyle, home and family are suited to this particular breed and you fully understand the requirements needed to give the dog the life it deserves.