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Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier
Origin Britain
Classification Terrier
Height 56-61cm / 22-24in
Weight 18-25kg / 40-55lb
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Exercise Medium
Easily Trainable Yes
Watchdog Excellent
Good with Children Yes
Good with Other Animals Medium
Indoor / Outdoor Living Both
Grooming Twice Weekly
Feeding Normal Diet
Size Medium

Airedale Terrier Description

Airedale Terriers are the largest of the terrier group and this has awarded them the nickname of the ‘King of Terriers.’ They are a well-built, muscular breed of dog with a very dense coat. Their outer coat is extremely wiry and hard whilst their undercoat is much shorter and softer. The head is long and flattened with wispy hair around their muzzle giving the appearance of a beard. The Airedale Terrier has a broad chest and a short tail. They are tan with a black coloured back or a saddle back in black, the top of the neck and the top of the tail are generally black.

Airedale Terrier Character

The Airedale Terrier is a friendly and courageous breed of dog. They display all the normal traits of the terrier family and can be wilful at times. A very adaptable dog and keen swimmers. They are known for their intelligence and if the wilfulness is mastered they are an easy breed of dog to train. Airedale Terriers make a wonderful addition to any family as they are wonderful with children, always ready to join in with their games.

Please note: This is only a guide.

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