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Winter Warmth

During the colder and wetter winter months it is easy for us to keep ourselves warm and dry but what about our pooches? We can pop on an extra layer if we are cold and change into lovely warm and dry clothes if we are wet, our dogs need us to do this for them.

One of the most important things to remember is to dry your dog off throughly and not just after the rain either, your dog can become quite wet walking through grass covered in frost and for many dogs the urge is too great to resist a good roll in the frost! Also a dog covered in snow will become wet too so it is imperative that your pooch is dried off after its winter walk. Always dry behind the front legs well, at the tops of the legs and between the back legs, take extra care with older dogs as they may well be suffering a little from arthritis so require gentle handling but also need drying throughly.

An older dog or dogs with little hair might benefit from a coat during the winter. These days there are an array of coats available on the market from knitted sweaters to waterproof jackets. Most faithful friends object at first to wearing a coat as it will feel very alien to them to begin with but be patient and allow your dog time to adjust to it. Try it on indoors first and let your dog walk around the house and become used to how it feels.

If you have the chance try and walk your dog a little later in the morning when the temperature has warmed up a bit to make it more pleasant for both of you. Puppies also need extra care during the winter months to keep them warm and dry, at the same time it is good to take them out in the rain to ensure you do not end up with an adult dog that is reluctant to take a rainy walk! Just ensure they are dried off throughly afterwards and kept warm.

You may find if your dog is elderly and a touch arthritic that a gentle massage might help. Just use a very light touch and softly massage the legs when you have dried them off and encourage your pooch to move around during the day rather than simply curling up in the one position and then struggling to get up.

A lot is pure common sense to be honest and winter does not have to be a time of gloom just because the weather is a bit dull and cold there are some beautiful days during the winter too. Just wrap both yourself and your pooch up against the elements and enjoy!

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