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Winter Dogs

Most of us do not think twice about the cold weather. We simply put on some extra layers and shield ourselves against the conditions.
Our dogs need us to think for them though and do not have the luxury of putting warmer clothes on, sure they have all that glorious dense fur to keep them warm but not all breeds even have this.

Winter in different regions means very different conditions. In some areas the winters are extreme with freezing cold temperatures and biting winds. The winter in some places can actually be very mild and even humid. You need to be aware wherever you live just how the cold weather conditions can affect your canine friend.

You need to be especially careful and very observant if you have puppies 6 months or younger as they are very susceptible to the cold. Older dogs and those that suffer from arthritis need special care and attention during the winter months too. The cold weather will make their arthritis even worse and their joints will stiffen.

Those dogs that are underweight will suffer more from the winter blues because they do not have the excess weight on their bodies to help to protect them from the cold. If your dog has heart or kidney disease then you also need to keep an extra eye on them because they cannot regulate their own body temperature very well.

If you own a short legged breed of dog such as a Dachshund be wary of the cold as their tummies will be down on the cold, frosty ground more than long legged dogs. They will finish a walk quite cold and wet.

Drying your dog off thoroughly when you return from your walk is imperative as this will help them to warm up considerably. It is a fact that dogs can suffer from hypothermia.
This occurs when the body temperature of your dog drops down to below its normal temperature. The signs that you will observe if your canine companion is suffering from hypothermia are shivering, lethargy and a slower breathing rate.

If you do notice any of these symptoms in your dog then make sure you head straight home ensuring that your dog is kept as warm as possible. If you are able to carry your dog against your own body then do so as this will provide him/her with immediate body heat from you.

If your dog does fall into one or more of the categories listed as a higher risk dog for the colder weather then ensure that they have a lovely warm coat to wear outside.
Winter can be a dangerous time of the year but it can also be a beautiful time for walking and admiring the snow covered scenery. Just make sure that you and your dog are warm and safe whilst out and about exploring.

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