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Whining Dogs

Dogs communicate in a variety of ways including vocally and with body language. One of the most common forms of communication throughout the dog world is whining and it can also be one of the most difficult for owners to combat.
As with all dog training it is best to start early but whether your dog is old or young the initial course of action is to gain an understanding of why he/she is whining, once you have gathered this information you can begin to learn the best and most effective training method for the problem.

We already know that whining is a form of communication so now comes the tricky part, working out exactly what message our faithful friend is trying to relay to us. Many dogs whine when they are upset, experiencing pain or scared they can also whine when they feel as though their ‘pack’ has abandoned them. Whining basically serves as an alarm call for many dogs, if they feel alone and are worried they will whine as a way of attracting attention as they wish to be ‘rescued’ from their plight.

To punish your dog for whining would be wrong and a complete waste of time as all you will achieve is a heightened state of anxiety in your dog so you need to remain calm and patient. Separation whining is very often observed and the best way to deal with this is to start by teaching your dog to be apart from you for a short duration and then build upon the time. Ensure that you familiarize your dog to the area that he/she will be left and make certain that they are comfortable.

Now when you leave your dog the first sound you are going to hear is whining, be strong and do not return straight away if you do then your dog will soon work out that emotional blackmail works! This part of the training is really tough because all you are going to wish to do is burst back in the room and shower your dog with affection. After a few minutes, which I know will seem like an eternity, go back to your dog and say ‘hello’ but do not fuss him/her too much at this point. Settle your dog down and then leave again, if you continue to do this a few times you should notice that the whining decreases. The trick is to praise your dog when he/she has remained quiet even if it is only for a few seconds because any improvement is basically that ‘an improvement.’

You can then begin to introduce words such as ‘be quiet’ or ‘enough’ to use when you wish your dog to stop whining or barking. As your dog is naturally calming down and being quiet simply say the words that you have chosen and soon your dog will begin to associate the words with quietening down.

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