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Water Dogs

Many of the natural behaviours our canine chums exhibit on a daily basis we assume are just that, natural. From barking, sniffing and rolling in unmentionable items to rummaging around for scraps to swimming we simply take these canine actions for granted and think they are natural to all pooches, but are they?

We consider swimming to be so natural we have even named a stroke after it the ‘doggy paddle’ but do all dogs take to the water as easily as ducks do?

The simple answer in a word is ‘no’ dogs are not all simply born with the ability to swim. Now if you own a dog with the word ‘water’ in its title such as the Water Spaniel the chances are extremely high that the dog will love the water and prove to be a natural swimmer. The problem owners’ face with this breed is not so much how to encourage their dog into the water but how exactly to encourage it back out again!

Particular breeds such as the more short-legged dogs like the Bulldog, Dachshund and Corgi find the art of swimming more difficult to their long legged companions. This does not automatically mean that they cannot swim but they may require a little persuasion to start them off.

Always ensure that your faithful friend views the water as fun, you can do this by popping your dog’s toys in the shallow water and enticing him/her in with some doggy treats. Just begin by standing in the water yourself and encouraging your pooch to simply join you paddling around in the shallow water, never rush this stage as instead of taking 2 steps forward you will end up taking 10 back if you upset your pooch now.

Never under any circumstances throw your dog in the water or force them to go in, allow them to make up their own mind and enter freely when they are ready.

If you wish to tempt your dog out further then move that way yourself and if your dog follows be there to support their body until you can see signs of them beginning to paddle for themselves. Then slowly and carefully release them but be ready to act quickly if required and grab them again, talk gently and calmly to your dog praising them constantly.

An important thing to think about is showing your dog how to exit the water safely, the worse thing to watch is a dog in the water struggling and panicking because it cannot find a suitable way out of it.

Never become complacent about your pooch in the water just because your dog likes the water and can swim does not make him/her invincible, accidents can and do occur. Strong swimmers may decide to go off and explore, as dogs are naturally curious but this curiosity can easily lead them into problems so always be vigilant.

Swimming is a wonderful form of exercise for both us and our faithful friends just ensure that your dog is within your sight at all times and able to enjoy the water safely.

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