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Training Schools

Are training schools a good idea for dogs? This a debate that has been running for awhile. Views vary considerably on this topic, some people think that having all those dogs together in a confined space is just asking for trouble, others feel it is a great idea as the dogs can socialise with each other.

If you know that your dog has an aggressive tendency then you would be best advised to select a dog training school that is especially set up to deal with this issue; possibly even a class where you can work on a one to one basis with a trainer.

This way your dog is not forced to mix with other dogs and you can gain some invaluable advice on a personal level from your assigned trainer. Having the knowledge that your dog does have aggressive tendencies, you are being very responsible by enlisting the help of a qualified trainer who can hopefully assist you and your dog.

For timid/shy dogs classes can prove very beneficial; try to choose a training school that holds smaller classes containing fewer dogs as this way your dog will not be completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of strange dogs everywhere.

It will do them the world of good to be introduced gradually to a handful of dogs as they will gain confidence when it comes to approaching strange dogs.

Rescue dogs can also benefit immensely from training classes as very often they have lacked the basics such as meeting people and other dogs. A lot of them have probably never received any form of training before and are possibly slightly unruly, so they can gain a lot from training classes.

It is not just the dogs who benefit from training classes either, you, as the owner, will learn a lot. Trainers often comment that the owners need to be taught and not the dogs and that there are no bad dogs out there just bad owners.

You will learn how to handle your dog along with controlling your dog. Most classes will teach you every aspect, from grooming and examining your puppy/dog to walking them on a lead. Each class offers a new experience and it is a great way to make friends as you are all there with the same intention, to help your dog.

If you find that both you and your dog enjoy the experience and gain some valuable knowledge, you can progress to a higher class. You will probably discover that the training school runs fun classes too, such as agility or obedience, again these are a wonderful way to educate your dog and yourself.

You will gain tips on the health of your dog and how to deal with certain issues that might arise and any questions that you might have you will have a trainer on hand to answer.

In conclusion unless you have a dog that can possess aggressive tendencies then I would wholeheartedly recommend training classes. As said if your dog is aggressive then there is help available for you too through a personal, one on one basis with a dog trainer.

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