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Training Class Or DVD?

These days there are numerous training dvd’s available which claim to be able to change a dog from an unruly demon into a perfect, well behaved angel. This seems like a tall order in itself but they also claim to be able to perform this ‘miracle’ within seven days, so in just one week you will not even recognize your dog. The naughty pooch would have been replaced with a well behaved pooch.

Does all this sound to good to be true? Well that is probably because it is. You could take the smartest dog on the planet and it would not be capable of learning everything there is to learn in one week. Sure it could be taught the basics behind behaving in an orderly fashion and not being disruptive but you could never teach a dog all there is to know in just seven days.

The problem is when you watch clips from dog training dvd’s to ascertain if you wish to purchase a copy it is difficult to truly observe the trainer’s training philosophy, does the trainer use positive reinforcement? Is the dvd going to contain advice about punishing your dog? You have to be really careful when you are searching for a dog training dvd because there are so many available which are full of nonsense and also full of harsher training methods.

Now this is where the training classes win every time because potential clients can pop along and observe on their own or with their faithful friend by their side. Clients can discuss any concerns with the actual trainer face to face and also observe the way they approach their dog and whether they hit it off with one another.

Training classes also come out on top when it comes to following an exercise. There is a big difference between attempting to mimic what you have just watched on a dvd and observing a trainer carrying out the exercise in front of you for you to copy. The huge advantage in a training class is that the trainer can offer advice and suggestions through watching the client perform the action, this cannot be done via a dvd. The most you could hope for is to be able to e-mail or phone a trainer for some advice if you were learning from a training dvd.

Also within a training class environment the dogs learn how to interact with other dogs and people whilst they are taking part in their class, when dogs learn at home from a dvd of course they do not receive this type of interaction. Both the owner and the dog benefit from other people being present as they can be very motivating and encouraging if an owner begins to lose heart and confidence due to not being able to obtain the desired response from their dog.

Even if you have a dog which is not particularly friendly and you are hesitant about them mixing with others it is still a better option to obtain some one on one training than rushing out and purchasing a training dvd. The interaction between the trainer and your dog is imperative as it will help your pooch to accept that not all humans outside of their ‘pack’ are a threat.

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