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Top 5 Puppy Care Essentials

Not many things are as rewarding or exciting as bringing in a new pup to your home. The puppy grows to become a canine partner to give you years of love, care and loyalty, as long as you keep providing the little guy with food, shelter and love in return.Puppy Tag

At Puppies for Sale, we love to keep our customers updated on tips they can use to take care of their puppies.

In this blog, we will shed light on 5 puppy care essential that you should definitely invest in:

#1-A Puppy Tag

For starters, give your puppy some identification. Choose a name and have it printed. You can also get the name printed directly on collars. It is also advisable to print your telephone number or address behind the tag, in case the puppy is lost. In most cases your puppy will be returned right back.


By neutering the puppy, you play your role at maintaining a balance in animal population. However, that’s not it. Spayed or neutered dogs also live longer have considerably lesser behavioural problems. This should certainly be the first step towards responsible dog ownership.


CompanionshipDogs are inherently social animals. They need your time. They also need to meet people in your social circle.

While a fenced up living room corner or a yard might be a good idea, nothing beats letting it be a part of your daily life. Do give your dog outdoor space, but don’t let them stay away for longer.

#4-Veterinary Exams

Just like we need to visit the doctor every now and then, same is the case with puppies and dogs. You need to partner with a vet whom you visit regularly with your dog so that they build a relationship. This will help ensure longer life for your canine friend.

#5-Training Classes

Just like you train newborns with everything from going to the loo to picking up stuff and putting it in the right place, you need to put in the same amount of effort into training your puppy. One of the best ways to do so is by rewarding them with dog biscuits or other treats every time they listen to you.

Look out for these essentials and in no time your puppy will be a grown up, responsible part of your family. Whether you are looking for Akita puppies or Bedlington Terriers, we have them all. At Puppies for Sale, we offer you a wide range of options you should check out right away!