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Things That Go Bump

When most of us paint a picture in our minds of dogs we think of them as courageous, brave individuals and not of meek and mild canines. This is probably because we are always reading and hearing of tales of bravery involving police, search and rescue or drug finding pooches.

It is a fact though that many dogs, if not most, are afraid of something whether it is loud bangs or people shouting. If you have adopted a rescue dog you may discover they have fears which display themselves in certain situations and although it can be tricky to ascertain the cause with patience and understanding problems can be solved.

A fearful dog will show its anguish in several different ways including flattened ears, lowered tail, a cowering body position, whimpering and possibly barking.

So what is the best way for us to help our little cowardly canines? The best thing you can do initially is to simply ignore their fear, do not make a huge fuss and begin cuddling them as you will only succeed in heightening their sense of fear. You will be displaying that your dog was right to show their fear as obviously there is something to be scared of or else why would you be trying to make them feel better?

The next thing to work on is distracting your dog and keeping their mind occupied with nice, happy thoughts. You could start a game with them or perhaps groom them, anything which will help them forget what they were scared of in the first instance.

Now if you are aware that your dog is terrified of a certain thing like fireworks then always ensure that you keep them in on bonfire night, walk them nice and early and then lock the doors, put some music on and stay in with them. If there is a thunderstorm do the same and if you are unlucky enough to be caught on a walk in a storm calmly call your dog to your side and place them on their lead, the best option here is to return home and continue your walk once the storm has subsided.

If your pooch is scared and discovers a little hiding place somewhere safe do not be tempted to encourage them to leave it, simply leave them alone and quiet and you will soon see your dog slowly emerging from their secret location when they can sense it is calm.

There are certain doggy based medications which claim to have a calming effect on your dog but I think it is better to try a more natural approach first and if that does not seem to be working then have a chat with your vet.

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