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The Boerboel

The Boerboel is a large breed dog originally from South Africa. The unique breed of dogs was bred in the 1650’s when Jan van Riebeeck came to South Africa with his “bullenbiter” and other British settlers with their long legged Bulldogs. These dogs where cross bread with indigenous breeds of domestic African breeds. However it’s known that the Rhodesian Ridgeback played a big part in the breeding of the modern Boerboel as we know it today.
The Boerboel is a protective and very good guard dog, however it’s wise not to leave your Boerboel unattended when there is visitors around as they can be very aggressive as they are watch dogs!  While they are family dogs and love and protect their owners don’t leave your children with the dog as they could have short tempers and it’s necessary to breed them with the right temper. They thrive on love and attention, playing with them is highly recommended as they tend to misbehave if there are left alone for long periods at a time and end up chewing in random items lying around or digging holes.

They are a big breed and very muscular and strong dog. They have very big heads; their ears are wide apart to the side of their heads, with small mouths and very powerful jaws. They have long legs that fit their body build. Their tails are normally docked but this is not necessary. The average height of a male is usually between 61cm and 70cm, while the females vary between 59cm to 65cm in height. Their color varies between brindle, brown, red-brown, red, yellow-cream, white-cream and black. These dogs have limited amounts of white on head neck chest and legs..

The dog should have a big yard to play and run in, they were bred on farms and are used to having open and wide space available, they will not be happy in an apartment as the space is limited. It’s wise to take the dog for a long walk to keep him happy and exercise him daily, they love to play ball and run around chasing birds or other small creatures in the garden.

The Boerboel does not shed more than the average short hair dog, grooming these dogs are easy and simple, giving them a nice bath once a month and brushing the coat will be the only grooming necessary.

The average life span of a Boerboel is 12 years and like most other breeds they do have some common health problems within the breed such as hip and elbow dysplasia, wobbler’s disease, eye problems, heart issues, thyroid problems, bloat and allergies.

The love a Boerboel shows towards its owner will warm your heart; they are definitely a breed worth looking in to if you are on the hunt for a guard dog.

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