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Pug and Puggle

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Most of the time, pug and puggle are mistaken to be the same breed because of their names. Pug and Puggle puppies are entirely different from each other. Well, we can say at least that they are related since puggle puppies are crossbreeds from a beagle and a pug parent. Differences between pugs and puggles can easily be noticed.

Puggles are bigger compared to pugs. Pugs shed a lot while puggles don’t. Since Puggle puppies are crossbreeds their coat color and weight also varies depending on the inherited characteristics from their parents.

When it comes to behavior, Puggle puppies are more aggressive than pugs. Because of this, they are harder to train than pug puppies that are rarely aggressive. Puggles require a very active lifestyle and attention from their owners just like the breeds where they are derived from.

Regarding health issues, pugs catch the cold easily that’s why breathing problems for this breed are very common. Puggles don’t experience breathing problems like pugs because of their hyper-active nature. They are also healthier than their parents. Pugs, unlike puggles, are also susceptible to eye injuries since they lack longer snouts and prominent skeletal brow ridges.

There are different and specific care instruction for pugs and puggles just like any other breeds. Although there are many physical and behavioral differences between pugs and puggles, they are both good family pets. Puggles are good for active families while pug is recommended for families with babies and children because they are rarely aggressive. May it be a pug or a puggle, having a puppy inside the house can offer the owner relaxation and happiness. Sometimes taking care of some breeds can be challenge for some.