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Tablet Terrors

Persuading your dog to take a tablet can sometimes seem like a very daunting task, the problem is most dogs are pretty smart, you may consider them to be anything but clever most of the time but when it comes to medication they seem to become super intelligent all of a sudden!

Dogs seem to have an in-built sixth sense concerning tablets and however clever and discreet you try to be they always know that it is tablet time prior to even reaching them; and those doggy jaws clamp firmly shut.

It is vital if you have your dog from a puppy to introduce them to the sensation of having their mouth opened by you, this is the best time for both of you to gain confidence as it is quite an unnerving experience opening a dog’s mouth and looking at all those lovely sharp teeth! Puppies’ teeth are naturally smaller, more like needles than daggers; you need to show your pup confidence and calmness. Position your puppy in the sitting pose and ever so gently tip his/her head back placing one hand on the top of the jaw and the other on the bottom of the jaw, then push very gently on the sides of the mouth whilst slowly and carefully opening the mouth.

Have a look at your puppy’s teeth whilst you have the mouth open and even perhaps start brushing them as this the perfect age to begin a dental routine, yes your pup will probably attempt to chew the toothbrush but persevere.

If you have an adult dog which you have not owned from puppyhood then take cautionary measures when it comes to opening their mouth as their teeth will be sharp and rather on the big side! Make sure you wait until the dog knows you before you even attempt to open their mouth, if you need to administer tablets for some reason you can always enquire if your vet can help you. A vet will be able to demonstrate to you the best way of approaching the task at hand.

Many tablets can safely be crushed down to a powder form and then simply mixed in with your dog’s food, there are also treats available which are soft enough to mould around a tablet therefore disguising it even from the smartest of dogs. My Border collie used to be a complete nightmare when it came to tablets, I would think he had swallowed it only to observe him spit it out 3-4 minutes later! The treats work brilliantly with him though; he does not suspect a thing. Regular worming tablets need to be given to dogs and puppies so it is an unavoidable task, I am afraid you will have to face your dog’s mouth at same stage and the sooner you do it the better for both you and your faithful friend.

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