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Summer Pests

With the warmer weather on the horizon our thoughts start to wander to different walking locations for our faithful friends. Those woods which have stood wet and muddy for the past few months are now drying out and becoming more accessible, even to those dog owners with white dogs!

The moorland which has been out of bounds due to the lashing rain and blowing gales is now bathed in glorious sunshine with no signs of any mud. Beaches which have been turned into mini sandstorms because of the weather now appear calm and inviting once again. Now you have the location sorted for a lovely long walk with your dog but there’s just one small, very small, tiny actually, problem which is lurking waiting for your nice ‘tasty’ pooch to happen along.

I am talking about the dreaded tick, small in size but massive in nuisance value. These small pests are commonly discovered on dogs which frequent woods, moorland, meadows and fields.

They are miniature, spider like creatures which take up residence on your unsuspecting dog and whilst your pooch plays the gracious host the little ticks help themselves to as many snacks as they desire, their preferred meal just happens to be your dog’s blood. Ticks are quite clever as they can detect when a dog is close through their sense of smell, they can sniff a dog’s natural odour from some distance away.

The long haired breeds of dog are more susceptible to picking ticks up as they can attach to their fur a lot easier than shorter haired breeds. Once they have hopped on they will generally make their way to the head area of the dog and attach themselves where they will remain until they have received their fill of blood. Once they are full up they naturally just fall off the dog.

Try to adopt a regular grooming routine with your dog as through brushing the fur you are likely to discover any ticks which may be hiding out, if you find any remove them straight away. The easiest way to do this is by using a small plastic gadget which you can normally purchase in any reputable pet store or from a veterinary surgery, it looks like a hook and you literally place it over the tick’s body, twist it a couple of times and pull. The tick will release its grip and come off easily.

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