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Strange Habits

Our canine friends have some weird and wonderful habits that totally bemuse us mere humans!
We are often left wondering exactly why our dog just did what he or she did, what was the reason behind the action? Well it is impossible for anyone to really know the specific reason hiding behind each and every action but we can hesitate a guess at some of the rather odd habits.

Many dogs possess the annoying habit of rummaging through kitchen bins or bin-bags left outside, it does not matter to them that they have actually already consumed a tasty meal. Dogs will not normally simply raid a dustbin they are generally attracted to it in the first place usually by an odour.

The simplest and most effective course of action that you can take is to always wrap your table scraps up and not just throw them in the bin, this way you will alleviate most if not all of the smell of the food wafting out of the bin for your dog to detect.
Dogs are natural scroungers and will always seize an opportunity to obtain more food if they can; your task is to limit the tasty titbits that they can readily pop their paws on.

Ever wondered why your dog has suddenly metamorphosised into a sheep? There they are happily munching away in the garden on your prized lawn; dogs are technically carnivorous although I do know most are partial to the odd vegetables too.

Grass consumption is fairly common throughout the canine world and it is quite normal for your dog to try its best at mowing your garden! Grass aids your dog’s stomach if they are feeling ill, it encourages them to be sick which in turn helps them to feel better.

There are numerous things that dogs do that we cannot really explain. Take tail chasing, who in their right mind would spin around and around chasing something that has been a part of them for their whole life? Strange behaviour to you and I but to your dog it is a form of play or a sign of madness!

In my own opinion it is nice not to know everything that makes our canine chums tick it keeps an air of mystery about them and our relationship with them. Their behaviour might well appear peculiar to us but have you ever considered how our behaviour looks to them?!

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