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Scent Marking

When a dog scent marks inside the house he/she is displaying a different behaviour to when they might simply have an accident in the house due to not being housetrained yet or just due to being caught short!

Now I know the last thing you will think about is the reasoning behind the event when it actually occurs but it is important to try and comprehend why your dog is behaving in a certain manner. When a dog scent marks it is generally either about territory, dominance or sexuality.

Most of the time, but not all of the time, this behaviour is linked to male dogs. Scent marking normally involves literally marking on everything in sight including your prized furniture. The dog will usually decide to cover items in a sprinkling of urine and not actually soak everything but unfortunately this makes no difference to the annoying factor presented to the owners.

Marking can also be an indication of insecurity, when a family moves house and their faithful friend has a new territory to explore and make their own they will generally scent everything. Dogs do this to display to any other visiting canines that the property is theirs and that basically they were there first, they are literally ‘marking’ what they consider to be their territory. A dog can also ‘advertise’ their availability to the opposite sex through scent marking.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and they can ascertain a wealth of information from simply sniffing another dog’s urine, when a dog scent marks it is almost like he, or possibly she, is leaving a calling card together with their autobiography for other dogs to read!

Now although most owners try to understand the importance of their dog scent marking they do not appreciate the fact that their faithful friend has to carry it out in their home. Scent marking seems to occur more in un-neutered male dogs as there have been links made to testosterone, this does not mean that just because you have your dog neutered that he is going to stop the undesirable behaviour. There are no firm and fast guarantees only statistics showing that the scent marking behaviour drops off in neutered dogs and rises in dogs which are un-neutered.

So how exactly can you stop your dog scent marking in the home? Well the easiest way is to actually catch him/her in the act itself as then you can offer an immediate correction. The second your dog goes to mark you need to make a noise and say the word ‘no’ then show your dog outside into the garden, as you would when housetraining. The concept is that your dog will be so shocked by the sudden noise the marking will stop and because you are correcting the behaviour by showing your dog where he/she should be going to the toilet your dog should soon work it out.

Always remove all traces of your dog’s scent marking in the home because these places will keep the scent and remain a temptation to your dog to mark once again.

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