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Run Puppies Run!

Like humans, your puppies need to exercise too. Exercise helps develop and strengthen their bones. A simple walk and a routine run are good examples of puppy’s exercise.  These are considered as the simplest form of exercises yet one of the most beneficial compared to others.  Just let them run loose outside but make sure to take their safety into consideration as well.

Even though running is healthy for puppies, it is very important to take things into moderation. Remember too much of something is always bad. It’s not advisable to take them on longer runs. It might actually do them more harm than good, as their bones are not yet fully developed and can’t take a strenuous exercise.

You can start by letting them play with other puppies in the park or your own backyard. It’ll be a great opportunity for your pets to exercise and socialize with other pooches and at the same time you will get the chance to socialize with other pet owners and exchange pet stories and advices.

You can start teaching your puppies to run by playing fetch with them. You can choose to do it indoors or outdoors just make sure that they are safe wherever you decided to do it. In playing fetch the only thing you’ll need is a chew toy. But it is also important to give your puppies a treat when they are able to bring you the “catch”, this will help them respond and understand cues.

You can also take your pet puppies for morning or afternoon walks in your neighborhood or to the nearest park. This way they will be able to familiarize themselves with your neighborhood. But don’t forget to put them on a leash because puppies are very active and playful and walking your puppies without a leash on the streets may cause accidents. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Running is beneficial for your puppies. It helps them develop and strengthen their bones. With proper exercise, balanced diet and proper attention they will have strong and well developed and healthy bodies as well. You can never depend on your pet puppies to do their own exercise regimen, it’s your responsibility as their owner to help them learn and benefit from it.

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