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Ready, Steady, Go

We learn in life through experiences, if we find something to be enjoyable then the chances are high that we will do it again and if we discover something to be unpleasant then we will probably avoid doing it again!

Our dogs learn in the same way. They generally do not like visiting the vets because somewhere along the line they have encountered an upsetting experience during one of their visits. Perhaps something has caused them pain or discomfort temporarily and this is all they seem to remember, the nice, happy visits vanish from their memory.

When you have a puppy you should always be going to places with him/her as the socialization period is so important. Teaching your pup the word ‘go’ is very simple as the word is so short for a start making it difficult to confuse with other words.

Going out should be a source of fun and entertainment for your puppy so if you can teach them the one word which definitely signifies that they are on their way to all that fun they will soon become very excited when they hear the word. It is a wonderful action word and will always mean that you are going somewhere to do something.

Now you can start using the word ‘go’ even before your puppy starts to walk outside properly. A big part of puppy socialization starts with you carrying them to places with you just so they can experience the big outdoor world whilst they are still very young.

When you begin to put on your shoes, coat and gather your puppy in a warm blanket just repeat the word ‘go’ aloud. You could say, ‘go for a walk’ okay so your puppy is not yet technically walking but I really do not think he/she is going to pick up on this fact!
You can use the word for many different situations, go in the car, go to the shop, go and visit, the list is endless.

Then when your puppy does start to walk properly outside you will gain great delight from observing their excitement when you tell them what is going on. Puppies and adult dogs alike all learn from our words, the more you say a particular word to them followed by the relevant action the more they will learn.

If you put the effort in to not only training your puppy but simply talking to him/her you will be rewarded by a beautifully loyal and devoted dog who literally hangs off every word that you speak.

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