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Puppy Training Classes

There’s always been a debate regarding the age of puppies starting training classes, what’s right and what’s wrong? Many training schools won’t accept puppies under the age of 6 months for obedience work.

Don’t panic though as prior to that time you can begin training your pup yourself, this is always a great idea even if you’re going to attend classes because you can turn up with the advantage of a head start! Personally, I would advise classes as they offer so much more than pure and simple training. A good puppy class will teach owners about grooming, handling and general health.

The ones we attended taught us how to position our puppy for a vet visit. There was a block of wood and we had to entice our pup onto the wood, they then had to remain in a standing position whilst the trainer examined them. Basically it was a mock-up of a visit to the vets; a great idea as it allows the owner an insight into their puppy’s character. There were a couple little growls from some of the pups present and I remember one flatly refused to go anywhere near the wood! A battle of wills between pup and trainer continued for about 5mins and then some tasty puppy treats were produced by the trainer and that won the war.

The section I personally found to be the most helpful was all about lead walking, owning a Border collie puppy had presented a few problems in this particular area for me! We seemed to be arriving at our destinations completely exhausted, (well me anyway!) with my arm falling off through the pulling.

The trainer advised us on the best training methods and we all had to walk a route in front of her so she could see where the faults were, easy with me, excessive pulling I think was the term used!

The atmosphere alone is worth going to the classes for; they’re usually full of exhausted looking owners and full of life young puppies. You do pick up many handy tips and meet many nice people and another great point is that your puppy socializes to its heart content. I would definitely recommend taking your puppy to training classes as it’s certainly worth the experience.

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