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Puppy Play

Puppies, like most youngsters, love to play and it is a vital part of their learning process. Your cute bundle of fluff can be taught so much through play sessions and it is the perfect opportunity for the two of you to form a loving bond with one another.

So what is the best type of play for a delicate puppy? For one thing forget the ‘delicate’ bit as believe me most puppies are anything but delicate when it comes to play! If you watch a litter of puppies you will notice that a lot of the interaction between them is carried out via their teeth and basically ambushing each other.

Every action they take though teaches them something new, their littermates will soon let them know if they are nipping too hard or playing too rough and this is exactly what you have to do.

If your pup begins to nip your hand during play simply stop and turn your back or walk away, puppies hate to be ignored and they will soon learn. You can let out a loud squeal if your puppy is too rough as this is the same action that the puppy’s littermates and parents would do.

Now playing ‘tug of war’ games with your puppy are not favoured by some people but I personally think that as long as you are the one in charge they are not a problem. Ensure that you are the one to start the game and that you are the one to win the game, when you have finished make sure you let your puppy know the game has ended and the toy has been put away.

Even a ‘tug’ game can be gentle as it does not have to develop into a competition; you need to avoid any rough play as this can build to aggression. Play sessions are a great time to introduce some basic training to your puppy, they can learn easy commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ whilst playing. When chewing commences make sure you have lots of suitable puppy chewing toys available and keep showing these to your pup and encourage him/her to chew them. The important thing is to teach your puppy that these items are fine to be chewed whilst certain others are not, such as your expensive pair of designer shoes!

One of the most important parts of playing with your new puppy is the bonding as the more time you spend together having fun the better and stronger the bond will be, you need to establish your status as ‘pack leader’ from an early age and this is where the ‘tug of war’ game with you winning is so perfect.

You are having fun but you are also displaying to your puppy that you are in charge therefore establishing the positioning within the ‘pack’.

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