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Pug History

The adorable little Pug has an oriental origin and this delightful breed of dog was very highly regarded and considered to be of the upmost importance to the local people.
It has been said that the Pug was kept as a much loved and worshipped pet of the Buddhist monks throughout Tibet; the fearless little dog was also reputed to be employed as a guard dog of ancient Chinese temples and places of worship.

They did not all have such an important role to play though and some Pugs were purchased by Chinese emperors. The Pug’s ‘job’ then turned to one of pure pleasure because they were simply little companion / lap dogs. They enjoyed all the attention lavished upon them and if you own a Pug or have ever had the pleasure of owning one then you will now understand why they like to be treated as royalty!

The Dutch began to trade with China and a number of sailors that were there could not help their urge and brought the funny looking, little dog back home with them into Europe.

The Pug became such a popular breed, especially with the rich in Holland. In 1790 the first Pug was spotted in France again where they grew in popularity quickly. Napoleon’s wife owned a Pug called Fortune whom it is thought used to relay messages tucked under his collar to Napoleon from her whilst he was imprisoned. Her love for little Fortune was immense so much so that on their wedding night when Napoleon refused Fortune the luxury of sharing their bed his wife told him ‘if the Pug does not stay in our bed then neither will I’!

During the 1800’s the Pug arrived in the United States of America and was recognised by the American Kennel Club in the year 1885.

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