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The best dogs to take out in public places are those canines that have been well socialised as puppies as they are familiar with the incredible array of sights and sounds the big outdoors contains.

Not only this but they will also know what is expected from them in the way of their general behaviour; if you look into the marvellous work that the Guide Dog puppy walkers do  you will see that there is so much more going on than purely walking. The Guide Dog puppies are taught from a very young age how to react in certain situations; they are almost overloaded with information. They are taken on bus, train and car rides and taken to some very busy places to adapt to crowds of people.

With a puppy, the best thing you can do is to think of as many situations that you can and socialise your young pup with them, dogs can ride on most forms of public transport as long as they are not being disruptive and causing a nuisance to the other passengers. Start young and let your pup travel with you on buses and trains and walk around busier locations with your puppy such as a city centre. Plan your day so you do not have to leave your pup tied up anywhere or alone at any time; simply go for a trundle around the shops and mingle with people. Gently encourage your pup and flood them with praise, if people wish to stop and pet your pup then let them because all the interaction your puppy can receive at this tender age will work wonders later in their life.

Also try not to adhere to just ‘adult only’ locations as it is so important for puppies to mix with children of all ages. When I had my initial collie, there were no children within our family so I approached a local playgroup who allowed me to take my collie puppy in to meet the children a couple days a week. My pup loved it and it goes without saying that so did the children!

Obviously, there will be places where dogs will be restricted so always check prior to visiting with your puppy; dog friendly attractions are always a good idea as you will find a complete assortment of ages at places of interest.

Having said all of this regarding puppies it is never too late to socialise an adult dog either, it can be done. Just slowly integrate them into slightly noisier places and situations, obviously if your dog has been traumatized in any way and is completely withdrawn then dealing with their issues will be completely different and you are best advised to seek professional assistance.

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