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Protect or Leave?

So your little bundle of fluff has now arrived and it is your first night together. Your puppy is all bewildered because this is their first night since they were born spent away from their mum and siblings.

They are lonely, cold and probably upset, all you wish to do is to run and scoop your little defenceless pup up for a hug.

All the advice in the world is, unfortunately, against you taking this action. It seems very cruel but you are being cruel to be kind. Believe it or not your puppy will soon learn that he/she is not all alone in the world, just simply alone in their bed.
The problem is if you go running to them now because they have squeaked and kicked up a fuss then they will expect it all the time. Literally each time they are upset they will expect you to be there.

Puppies need to be taught from an early age to stand on their own two feet, or paws. If they are not then you could end up with an extremely nervous adult dog, whom could suffer from a fear based aggression.

This is when a dog attacks through being fearful and not through actually being aggressive. Perhaps they are frightened of someone hurting them by sitting down too close to them, they will then have a snarl at the person to warn them off.

A high percentage of dogs with fear aggression never intend to cause any damage they simply protect themselves and ‘their’ family. The big worrying factor here is that they could unintentionally inflict damage to someone.

Your first basic step with a new pup is their socialization period. This cannot be stressed enough just how important it is, your new puppy is like a sponge it absorbs all the experiences it is exposed too.

This means the bad ones along with the good ones but they are all ‘good’ learning experiences whether they are deemed as good or bad by your pup. If a bad event occurs then it will be remembered and hopefully learnt from and not repeated!

Through socialization your puppy starts to learn how to interact with other dogs and how to behave in certain situations. The more they see and do at this young age the better prepared they are for the ‘real’ world, the world outside their cosy little home.
Most puppies are nervous to begin with especially whilst out walking. Very often you will become a big shelter to seek cover behind, usually if there is a strange dog approaching you are the safest bet to hide behind!

If your pup or dog is ever startled by a noise the best reaction you can give at the time is ‘no’ reaction at all. Simply continue what you were doing and say nothing to your pup/dog, this is the quickest way to reassure them that there is nothing to be alarmed about at all. They look at you and discover that whatever the noise was it could not have been that major as you are still calm. Obviously if they look as though they are going to run off then just calmly place them on their lead still saying nothing and remain calm.

It is such a big world out there and there is so much to discover that your little puppy will be awestruck to begin with, have fun with showing him/her new items and new experiences they do not stay this young and this cute forever!

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