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Prince or Princess?

Is there a difference between male and female dogs? Well apart from the obvious that one is a male and one is a female then in my own experience there are a few differences yes.

Male dogs generally grow slightly larger than females, this is more obvious in the bigger breeds of dog such as Huskies and the giant breeds like Saint Bernards. The smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers do not always have an obvious difference between male and female.

Some of the more muscular breeds like the Bulldog varieties and Staffordshire Terriers seem to be more muscular as a male than a female and may stand ever so slightly taller as a male dog.

When it comes to training do males learn quicker than females? In my personal experience it does not seem to matter whether your canine chum is a boy or a girl as they all seem to learn at the same speed (their own speed and not yours!) most dogs will vary regardless of their actual sex.

I have trained both a female and a male Border collie through the years and as most people know the Border collie is always at least ten steps ahead of its owner when it comes to training, but to me there were no obvious signs of one learning quicker than the other. My male has certainly developed more attitude than my female ever did but then he is exceptionally protective over me and likes to let this be known!

Female dogs as a general rule possess gentler natures than males but having said that males can be truly affectionate too, one point that I have noticed is the fact that males tend to bond strongly with female owners and females do the same with male owners. It seems to be much a case of ‘daddy’s little girl’ and ‘mummy’s boy’ in the world of dogs.

When it comes to the cost then there is no real difference between males and females as they will both cost the same to buy and feed etc, etc unless of course as mentioned previously your male dog does happen to be quite considerably bigger than the females then he will eat larger quantities of food. One significant difference actually with the male and female is apparent when it comes to neutering the dog, the female’s operation will be more expensive than the males due to it being more complex and involved.

The naturally stronger breeds of dog like Huskies, Malamutes and German Shepherds will nearly always be stronger in their personality and attitude in a male than a female, these breeds can become easily dominant over their owners so many people will advise potential first time owners to opt for a female.

So really the differences are small to be honest, when it comes to playing and exercising both the male and female of the breed will require the same amount of attention as the other.

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