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Pouncing Pooches

Most people will associate the word ‘pounce’ with cats and not with dogs but our canines can pounce on toys, tumbling leaves, birds and their unsuspecting owners just as impressively as the felines.

The problem is not every single individual in the world is going to appreciate your dog saying ‘hello’ to them in quite the same way as you do, believe it or not there are those amongst us who do not take kindly to dogs, I know it is hard to comprehend to you and I but alas it is none the less the truth!

Now puppies in particular adore pouncing on new human and dog chums alike and this is generally accepted by most people, puppies are small and adorably cute so their friendly greeting is normally overlooked. An adult dog though is a different matter; especially a big dog such as a Saint Bernard, if this was running at full speed intending to launch its great big fluffy body at you it would probably unnerve even the bravest of dog lovers.

The easiest solution is to train your puppy at an early age that jumping up or pouncing is not a good idea.
As with all training consistency is paramount do not refuse your dog when he jumps up and then accept him/her the following time, this will cause your pooch no end of stress and confusion as they will never learn what you wish them to do.

An example of this is a friend of mine who used to own a Rottweiler called Robbie; he was adorable but obviously a big and strong breed. My friend would allow Robbie to jump up when she was dressed casually but when she was dressed and ready for work she would stop him, I kept telling her that Robbie cannot actually tell the difference between your smart and casual clothing. In the end she worked it out and between us we managed to convince Robbie that jumping up was a bad idea.

The two easiest methods of training are either just turning your back on your puppy/dog when they go to jump up at you and ignoring them, not as easy on your conscience but easy on your faithful friend. When your pooch has given up and walked away, praise and reward them.

The other is to gently grasp your puppy’s/dog’s front paws as they jump up, then place them back on the ground with a firm ‘no jump’ command, as you are placing their paws on the floor praise and reward them.

By using either training method your canine companion will soon learn what is expected of them and both ways of teaching are non-coercive and kind which is the type of dog training we at Puppies for Sale believe in.