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Post Xmas Blues

So the festive period has been and gone and all the celebrations have finished for another year, now it is time to pick up the pieces of your ‘normal’ life once again. Most of us are guilty of piling on some extra pounds over the xmas holidays what with all the chocolates, sausage rolls and buttery mince pies. The easy part is putting the weight on but it is removing the weight which usually proves to be more problematic.

We are not the only ones to put extra weight on during xmas as our canine chums generally join us too, they are more than happy to accept the turkey, cream, additional xmassy doggy treats and all the other trimmings that go into celebrating xmas.

Now to help each other shed the extra weight why not take up an activity together? Of course the obvious thing to do with your dog is to go for a walk and although this is a form of exercise in itself, does it really burn those calories? To be effective as part of a weight loss exercise regime you need to raise your heartbeat whilst walking and to go further than around the block.

Take a hike with your faithful friend. If you live in a countryside location then all the better but even if you live in a city there will be ‘greener’ areas available where you can walk your dog. Be adventurous and pack a picnic for both of you containing only low calorie and healthy food, ensure you have water and a bowl with you too.

There are plenty of sports which you can carry out with your dog including agility or perhaps flyball or if you fancy yourselves as the next Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers why not try freestyle dancing with your faithful friend?

If you are feeling energetic and super fit take a jog with your dog, obviously you need to be sensible and avoid taking a puppy on a jog with you as the pavement running can damage their joints but for a healthy, adult dog there is no reason why they cannot accompany you on a nice jog.

Cycling is a hobby which many people enjoy on a regular basis and it is something their dogs can also enjoy with them. Dogs can either run alongside the bike or be attached with a ‘springer’ attachment to the bike. Do not just go for a long cycle with your dog to begin with though as they should be given the opportunity to become used to the sensation of running beside you whilst you are cycling. Introduce them slowly to this new keep fit exercise as it is paramount that both you and your pooch stay safe at all times.

Swimming with your dog is another great form of exercise and it is also wonderful fun, most dogs love to swim and to couple this with being in the water with you what could be better? Just ensure you are safe especially if you are swimming in a lake or similar, you can purchase a life jacket for your dog as an extra safety precaution just ensure you measure your dog properly and obtain a snug fitting jacket.

So you can see there are many options when it comes to keeping fit with your dog and helping one another to lose those unwanted extra pounds.

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