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Parvovirus infection in dogs

The Parvovirus is a very serious viral disease in dogs and if your dog has not been vaccinated then he or she is at risk and should be vaccinated immediately. The disease is extremely contagious and spread from dog to dog by contact with fecal matter.  This could happen by walking your dogs in the park or at the beach and from there one of your dogs can spread it to the others in your household. Dogs at the park or beach might not be showing signs yet – so you won’t know when your dog is exposed to the virus which is what makes the vaccines so incredibly important.

There are various forms of the Parvovirus – the specific form attacking the cardiac system of a dog will cause cell death of the heart muscle – which normally starts with inflammation. This makes breathing very difficult and eventually causes death in young puppies. Due to the strong immune system formed in time by older dogs, they have a better chance of surviving, but will have scarring in the heart.

The intestinal form of the virus will cause vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, fever and loss of appetite. These are the signs and symptoms you should look out for, especially if your dog has not received any vaccinations. The extreme damage caused to the intestinal tract, by the Parvovirus, will increase the chances of secondary infections. Dogs that are affected by this form of the virus are normally younger than 12 months because they haven’t had their full set of vaccinations yet, thus a very weak immune system.

If you suspect that your dog might have the Parvovirus you have to take him or her to the nearest veterinarian as soon as you can. A physical examination will be done including blood work which will enable the veterinarian to make an accurate diagnosis and then decide which treatment procedure they will advise.

If your dog had/has the Parvovirus it’s important that you clean the area they played and lived in properly with a strong detergent for example, bleach. This is especially important in all areas that have been exposed to their fecal matter. Cleaning up and disinfecting will prevent other dogs in the family from being attacked by the virus.

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