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Off Lead Puppies

Most new puppy owners find the task of letting their fluffy, young pup off the lead into the big wilderness a daunting challenge, it’s always a heart in mouth moment.

You can help to prepare both yourself and your puppy for the big event by completing some recall work. I know it seems like an awful lot to teach at the beginning when you’re out and about with your puppy, what with lead walking and heel work etc, etc but recall can fit in nicely with the other work you’re doing.

First purchase a rope training lead these are available from most good pet shops or from dog trainers. They allow your puppy a substantial amount of freedom whilst leaving you in control. Go to a relatively quiet location, one that you know, and take your training lead and of course your pup! Upon arrival ask your puppy to sit and wait whilst you attach the training lead to their collar and remove their standard lead, now the fun begins.

Your pup will be everywhere to begin with as this is their first encounter with freedom in the outside world. Let them enjoy themselves and let them explore their surroundings, do this for about 10 minutes and then change to ‘working’ mode. You can make the transition easily by saying the words, “That’s enough now” your pup will soon associate the words with having to stop whatever event they’re carrying out at the time.

Now let your pup run to the end of the lead once again but this time when they reach the end call their name and your chosen word, ‘close’ or ‘here’ work well. As soon as they look at you motion like crazy for them to come to you, granted you might feel like a fool but who cares if it works?! Simply repeat the same two words, their name and your chosen word, if they require further persuasion then gently begin to reel in the lead so you’re pulling them closer to you without them realizing. When your pup reaches your feet, ask them to sit and praise and reward instantly.

Keep doing this over and over for at least a week or two until you’re certain that your pup is focussed on you. Enlist the help of a friend and ask them to walk by you and your puppy whilst you’re doing recall work, this is a great way of testing just how focussed your pup is on you. They’ll probably glance towards your friend but they should still listen to you as you should be seen by them as in control. Now once you’ve established control over them when your friend walks by the next stage is for your friend to approach you for a chat, your pup should still only listen to you and you should still be able to ask them to come back to you.

When you’ve done this for a week or two and you feel confident that your pup’s returning well to you then it’s time to let them off lead. You can let them trundle off and then call them back using their name followed by your chosen word, when they come back always praise but don’t always reward. The idea is to keep them guessing with the rewards, sometimes they receive one and other times they don’t. This way they’ll always return just to discover if they’re going to be given a treat or not.

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