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Mr or Mrs?

Are there any personality or character differences between male and female dogs and is one sex better to home than another is? Well I guess this comes down to personal opinion and choice really but in my own experience there are subtle differences; with regard to whether one is better than the other is, no all dogs are great, male or female.

Now the differences, which I have noticed, are not huge but they are apparent. Male dogs do generally tend to be more protective than females especially if they are close to a female owner; they usually develop a very strong bond that cannot be broken. Female dogs tend to lean slightly more towards a male owner than a female one. My own personal theory here is that the male dog feels its place is to protect the female owner and the female dog looks to the male owner as the higher one in the so-called pack.

Of course this is not to say that you might have the complete opposite in your own household as all dogs are different but this is a general behaviour that I have seen in my own dogs. Some people state that female dogs are softer than males and normally more affectionate due to their inbuilt mothering instinct, now whilst this might generally be true my male dog could not be more affectionate towards me if he tried! Both sexes can have aggressive tendencies, they are not reserved for just male or female dogs; many feel males are worse due to generally being bigger in their overall size but I have met some pretty snappy female dogs in my time too!

When it comes to intelligence and learning at varying speeds I would not like to say for sure to be honest; I would say that both sexes learn at roughly the same speed depending on their age and breed. The same thing applies for playfulness, as I really do not think you can categorically say one is different to the other with play or energy levels.

So in conclusion, I would not like to recommend one sex over another in the canine world and as said I truly think it is just down to personal choice. Some people prefer to always have a female dog as maybe they feel slightly more protective over a female whilst others will insist on a male dog as perhaps they feel ‘he’ will make a better protector for them.

Whether you decide on a Phillip or a Phillipa I am sure he/she will make you very proud and be a welcome addition to your household.

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