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More Than Brushing

The term ‘grooming’ means much more than simply brushing/combing your canine companion. It’s the perfect opportunity for a mini MOT for your puppy/dog. Their teeth can be checked and brushed; there are a couple of different types of toothbrushes available. There’s the regular type, like ours, or the finger type. The finger ones look similar to a thimble and slide over the finger as a thimble does.

Some dogs don’t take kindly to their teeth being brushed and the ideal point of the finger brush is it’s not quite as imposing as a regular brush. You can have closer contact with your pooch whilst brushing their teeth. The toothpaste used is meat flavoured so it should be appealing and tasty.

You can check the ears and wipe them gently with either a special ear wipe for dogs or just some basic warm water on a flannel, be very careful and never stick anything in your dog’s ears. A sign of any irritation in and around the ears needs to be checked out by a vet, such as any discharge or if your dog’s shaking their head a lot this can also indicate an ear problem.

There are eye wipes available if you wish to clean the corners of your dog’s eyes, again always be gentle. Check for signs of eye problems, like redness, watery eyes and itchy eyes as these can all be symptoms of eye troubles. Conjunctivitis is fairly common in dogs and can start by a simple scratch to the eye from a bramble or twig, dogs that love foraging in the undergrowth and running through trees can often be susceptible to it. If you’ve more than one canine chum it’s likely they’ll catch conjunctivitis too as it’s highly contagious. A simple course of eye drops from your vet will soon clear it up.

Check around the nose area and check your dog’s claws for length and if necessary clip them or see your vet to do it for you. Some dogs simply fidget too much for owners to risk doing it themselves and most dogs don’t take kindly to having their claws clipped. Having said that I have one that lays on her back with all four legs sticking up in the air waiting for her claws to be clipped!

Brush and comb your dog’s/puppy’s coat and trim away any long bits of fur from around the eyes, ears and away from their behind, this is especially important in the summer months. Long coats can become tangled very quickly and require attention at least three times a week if not on a daily basis. If you don’t really wish for your pooch to be completely clipped then simply give them a trim yourself, you don’t have to go crazy and make them look as though they lost a fight with a lawnmower! Just take the bulk of the heavy fur away, this will make them feel much cooler and also make them look much slimmer.

Of course grooming sessions are also the ideal time to bond with your beloved mutley and the perfect time for a good old cuddle!