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When people consider welcoming a new puppy into their lives they don’t always think about the security side of things, security for their puppy that is. It’s a legal obligation to ensure that puppies/dogs wear a collar with an identification tag attached to it anyway but it’s also strongly advised to have them microchipped.

Microchipping is a very simple procedure, it was introduced in 1989 & since then many owners have decided to have their canine chums done. One advantage is that your puppy will not need an anaesthetic although some owners do wait until their pup is being spayed/neutered & whilst they’re having the operation they can be microchipped too. My pups have had their microchips done when they’ve had their second routine vaccination but it’s really a personal choice to be honest.

The chip itself is approximately the size of a grain of rice & your puppy won’t even know it’s there. It has a unique number & a special scanner reads this, this number is registered to your pup & your pup alone. Your details are then entered on a database, if your puppy becomes lost he/she will be scanned & your details will be found.

Collars can easily become detached from a pup when they wander through undergrowth, the microchip cannot come off! Your puppy’s body tissue actually attaches itself to the chip therefore keeping it in place. The most alarming part of the whole procedure is the size of the needle as it’s fairly large but don’t panic as the most your pup may feel is a slight scratch. The needle is inserted between the shoulder blades & the chip is placed just underneath the skin. Vets will generally check the microchip via a scanner on annual booster visits as part of the routine check-up, you can always ask for it to be checked on other visits if required. It’s not only vets these days that hold scanners, your local dog warden will have one & rescue centres will also have one to check any strays handed into their care.

Dog owners tend to think that it’ll never happen to them & their puppy won’t run off but you just never know. You can own the best trained pup in the world that never leaves your side but if he/she is suddenly frightened by an unexpected noise & bolts away you probably won’t be able to catch them but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that at least when they’re found they have a microchip in place. Throughout the years, countless dogs have been reunited with their owners quickly & safely due to them having a microchip so it really is a highly recommended choice.

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