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Magic Mutts

By ‘magic mutts’ I am not referring to dogs that can vanish in a puff of smoke or dogs that can produce white bunnies from hats, no I am referring to the party tricks that owners can teach their dogs to perform.

There is nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction when your faithful pooch obeys you and performs a set of tricks for an admiring audience. You feel a sense of overwhelming pride because it is all your hard work and effort that has gone into teaching your dog the commands.

Most dogs or puppies, can be taught a variety of tricks quite easily. The key to the training is to try not to teach your dog to do anything too unnatural to their personality. Some dogs enjoy ‘standing up’ in other words they like to go up on their hind legs, these dogs could be taught how to ‘walk’ fairly easily as it is a familiar position for them to be in. If your dog has never shown any inclination of standing on his / her hind legs then yes you could still teach them the trick but it will be harder for them to learn.

The same rules apply for training your dog to do tricks as with any other dog training; you need to have perfect timing, lots of patience and heaps of praise. Use your dog’s favourite treat and always begin by gaining their interest in the treat, ensure they have spotted it. Then basically encourage them to complete the task you wish them to do by showing them the treat and enticing them to follow it.

With the ‘walk’ trick for instance encourage your dog to stand up on its hind legs and then you need to move backwards very slowly and your dog should follow the treat therefore moving forward themselves slowly on their hind legs. Always keep the treat high in the air so your dog is naturally looking upwards.

If your dog is a natural ‘roller’ dog then teaching them to ‘roll’ on command will be an easy task, again persuade and encourage them to follow the treat, for this your best position is kneeling down on the floor. If your dog moves an inch in the correct direction immediately praise and reward.

Training your dog to perform little party tricks is not an essential part of your dog’s obedience training but they are a good way for owner and dog to bond. It shows the loyalty of your dog when they will happily carry out a sequence of tricks for you.

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