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Licking Dogs

The canine tongue has many uses from mopping up someone’s spilt dinner and lapping up tasty milk and cream to washing out all that horrible mud from their paws and also washing other unmentionable body parts!
It does not seem to matter to us though where their tongue has been when they lick our faces as we always find it such an endearing act. Generally dogs lick us as a pure sign of affection, except of course when they are trying desperately to catch that elusive crumb sitting on your chin!

Puppies experience the feel of their mother’s tongue almost the second they are born as she washes the afterbirth from each individual puppy. The puppies themselves also partake in their fair share of licking as they lick the faces of the older dogs around them not only as a display of affection but also to show respect to the older dog.
When they are hungry they will lick their mother’s face and mouth incessantly to encourage her to regurgitate a tasty snack for them.

Our canine friends do not always lick us just because they are trying to catch the odd bit of food on our faces that we may have missed. They lick us because to them we are their parents. How much your dog licks gives you an indication of their personality.
If your pooch refrains from licking and does not really show any interest in it then they are generally bold and independent dogs, they do not feel there is anyone they need to impress or respect.

Is your dog a constant licker? It does not seem to matter what it is it just has to be licked! This shows a sociable dog that is probably quite outgoing and friendly.

The problem is that your dog will not take long to work out that if he / she plants a lovely, sloppy wet ‘kiss’ on your cheek you will pretty much do anything for them and always make those silly little cooing noises that they adore so much!

The licking is just another form of communication between you and your faithful companion and can you think of a better way to ‘talk’ than with lots of loving kisses?

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