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Lhasa Apso History

The little Lhasa Apso dog was born and bred in Tibet. They lived for many centuries amongst the homes and the monasteries of the Tibetan people; although they are a small breed of dog they were used as watchdogs for the highly sacred temples and monasteries throughout Tibet.
These dogs were never bought basically by a person to keep for themselves as they were always acquired with the intention of giving the dog away as a gift and if you received one it was thought of as a great honour. The people of Tibet respected the Lhasa Apso and treated them with great regard, they truly believed that the dogs were actually the reincarnations of the holy lamas.

The name Lhasa Aspo is derived from the largest city and also the capital of Tibet called Lhasa and the word Lhasa is a shortened version of ‘Iha Sacha’ which when translated means ‘God’s place’.

It is thought that the Lhasa Apso as a breed descended from the Asiatic and European dogs such as the Puli and the Pumi. In the year 1901 a Miss Marjorie Wild was given her very first Lhasa Apso dog by a Mrs McLaren Morrison she had spotted the breed in Darjeeling, India; they caught her eye and she brought some back with her when she returned to England.

Miss Marjorie Wild then went on and devoted approximately seventy years of her life to breeding and showing the breed she adored until she passed away in the year 1971.

In the year 1933 a couple called the Cutting’s, whom had previously spotted the breed in Nepal, were presented with two by the 13th Dalai Lama, this was a huge honour. The Lhasa Apso has a lot to be grateful to the Cutting’s for because it was largely down to their efforts that the breed found its way to the American dog show scene in the first place.

Recently the Lhasa Apso breed has been recognized, via DNA testing, as being one amongst the fourteen most ancient breeds of dog.

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