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Less Furry Pooches

Most dogs shed their fur; this is a common fact and one which most dog owners just accept as part of having a dog in their life. It goes without saying that the long-haired breeds will lose more fur than the short-haired breeds.
Afghan Hounds and Golden Retrievers are amongst the worst breeds for shedding fairly big amounts of fur. These breeds of dog will obviously take more looking after when it comes to grooming and cleaning up after them and this does need to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about acquiring a new dog.

There is also the added advantage if you or any other family members suffer from an allergic reaction to fur, the breeds which do not shed or which shed very little fur are perfect. The dead skin which flakes off a dog’s body naturally still occurs with the non/lightly-shedding breeds of dog but the difference is that you are not having this coupled with a big shed of their fur.

It is the flakes of dead skin which are actually the allergens and obviously the non/lightly shedding breeds will not be producing the same quantity of the material which induces allergies.

If you are searching for a breed of dog with a minimal fur loss then the Irish Water Spaniel, Puli and Toy Poodle are a good choice. The Mexican hairless dog or Chihuahua are also good choices these possess short and coarse coats which hardly shed at all. The Poodle though is by far the out and out winner when it comes to selecting a dog with the least fur shedding.

Now this is due to the fact that the Poodle does not actually have fur, instead it has hair. The hair does not seem to contain all the dead skin, dandruff, which a dog’s fur does. This has played a big part in the Poodle being crossed with several other breeds lately, if you cross a poodle with another lightly shedding breed you will produce a dog with the absolute minimum of shedding.

It is not only the length of a dog’s coat which will determine whether it will shed a lot or not but also the amount of layers there are within the coat. If you are looking for a non/lightly shedding breed then select a breed with only the single layer to their coat, many of the smaller breeds only have the one layer.

If you do suffer from an allergy then you should visit your intended choice of dog first prior to welcoming him/her into your life. There are different types of allergies which are aggravated in people in different ways. Just because one allergic person may react to one dog does not automatically mean that another allergic person will react to that same dog.

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