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Obtaining insurance for your canine chum offers you peace of mind and added security if your dog is poorly or involved in an accident. It is so easy to try and turn the other cheek and convince yourself that your dog will be perfectly healthy and extremely lucky throughout the duration of their life, they will never require any medical assistance so you do not need to bother taking out an insurance policy.

Well this is all well and good but as most dog owners know it takes seconds for a dog to come to find itself in the kind of predicament where it needs the help of a vet.

Dogs are, to put it kindly, a bit like the bull in a china shop scenario. They seem to act first and then think about the consequences afterwards, like the eager dog that jumps off a cliff after his/her ball only to find they have run out of ground or the enthusiastic pooch that makes an impressive leap for their frisbee only to land awkwardly and injure themselves. Of course you will always have the odd dog who thinks it is totally invincible especially when it proceeds to run right across a busy main road to give chase to the cat on the other side.

So as you can see accidents can and very often do happen with our four legged friends. Veterinary treatment can run very expensive and even more so if your dog has to receive ongoing treatment.

Many dog owners do not contemplate the cost and simply think that they will cope with the situation when and if it arises, very often when it does though they have not planned for it financially. Having an insurance policy for your dog need not cost you the earth; you will have an option of an annual or monthly payment scheme. If the annual fee seems a little daunting then opt for the monthly one, some policies are as little as £9 – £13 per month.

Always check what the insurance covers as they do vary considerably, generally as a rule of thumb the less the premium you pay the less cover your dog will receive. Have a bit of a shop around and compare quotes and policies prior to choosing.

These days numerous companies offer pet insurance so it is wise to read all the small print and ensure the cover you take is the right choice for both you and your dog. Ask other dog owners and see who they have their insurance policy with and also enquire with your dog’s vet as they can normally recommend a good and reputable insurance company.

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