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Healthy Puppies

Deciding to welcome a puppy into your life and home is the easy part but selecting just the one little pup from a litter of five or six cute bundles of fluff is considerably harder. If it is your first puppy it will help if you are slightly clued up prior to visiting the pups.

So what exactly do you look for in a healthy puppy? There are several signs and indications to be aware of and however difficult it is when all the puppies surround you at once you need to try and keep your head together! You are not just looking for a healthy appearance either you are also attempting to discover their personalities, now you might wonder how you can possibly do this as you are not a qualified dog behaviourist but it is possible to gain an insight into a puppy’s character simply by meeting them briefly.

Generally the puppy which gallops towards you at full speed ahead first is the ‘leader’ of the litter and will be brave, this is a good trait in the way that you do not want a terrified and scared little pup but a bad trait in another way; bravery can lead to dominance. The braver puppies require a firm but kind training regime and need to know their place in the ‘pack’ to remain happy, a dominant, courageous dog can easily control the household without the owners actually realising what is happening.

The puppy that hangs back from the others, or sits alone will generally be the shy pup and this could lead to fear aggression, basically the dog will display aggression as it is unsure and nervous.

You are ideally searching for the puppies which come forward after the ‘leader’ pup and investigate you without launching in your face! This shows a neutral, middle-of-the-road personality, not too timid to say ‘hello’ but not too brave and pushy to jump all over you.

In the respects of health you are literally looking for a bright eyed and bushy tailed puppy, no discharge around the ears or eyes, moving freely with a normal gait, the coat should be in a clean condition and they should be happy. Spend as much time as you can with the puppies prior to purchasing as this will give you and the pup time to befriend one another, as soon as you have chosen your particular pup begin calling him/her by its new name; the sooner it learns this the better.

A reputable breeder will encourage you to bond with your pup and should not mind in the least that you wish to visit a few times before the puppy is ready to leave its mum, ask to see the parents of the puppy if not both then at least the mum; again a reputable breeder will not have a problem with this request at all. When you observe the adult dog it will help you to visualize your puppy as a fully grown adult in terms of size and general appearance.

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