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German Shepherd History

The German shepherd is and has been a well respected breed of dog noted for its high levels of intelligence and stamina.
In 1881 the initial formal society was developed for the breed and in 1889 Max von Stephanitz started to standardize the breed. He spotted a dog that he admired whilst he was attending a dog show held in West Germany. This particular dog was a grey and yellow colouration and resembled a wolf in its stature.

Max von Stephanitz noticed the dog’s poise and grace but also the power and strength that it seemed to possess. This breed was a naturally born herder that required no training as it just used its instincts.

The dog at the show was purchased by Max von Stephanitz and became the first German shepherd dog to be officially registered. He then journeyed on and founded the first German shepherd dog club; shortly after this the breed standard was set. It was set on the dog’s utility and intelligence, the concept of considering the dog’s beauty was beyond Max von Stephanitz. It was not important to him, after all what was the point of a dog looking great if it lacked intelligence?

By the conclusion of World War 1 the German shepherd had found a new ‘fan-club’ the soldiers were returning from the war with their dogs in tow and narrating stories of the bravery and companionship that the dogs had displayed.

The breeds’ popularity rocketed and the German shepherd was sought after in various countries including Japan, France, Italy and the USA. Eventually they were being employed as ‘working dogs’ used for various tasks such as discovering drugs and mines to working as guard / security dogs.

Since then the breed has gone from strength to strength and has proved to be one of the most popular family dogs along with being a wonderfully intelligent working dog.

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