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Food Bowls

Now you have thought of a name for your new puppy or adult dog, you have planned and prepared the dog food which he/she will consume and you have bought the essentials such as a lead, collar, doggy toys and a dog bed but have you considered what you will use to feed your dog/puppy in?

This is a common item which is overlooked, strange as this might seem it is true. Potential owners plan everything else to the finest little detail but forget about the utensil used to place their new canine chum’s dinner in!

It is simple though, is it not just a case of finding a bowl and popping their food in it? No, not quite. If you walk into any pet store you will see an array of different bowls in all shapes, sizes and colours. What you envisage as being a simple task can actually prove to be a fairly complex and tricky task. The bowls these days even come produced in different materials from plastic and ceramic to stainless steel.

Now you need to have a bowl for your faithful friend which is easy to clean because ideally you should adopt the routine of washing your dog’s food bowl on a daily basis in clear hot water. A food bowl made from plastic is not the ideal choice for a puppy as they adore chewing and it will only take a young pup a matter of minutes whilst your back is turned to commence the chewing process on their bowl. So for a puppy always select a more durable type of material such as ceramic or stainless steel.

Try to ascertain the correct size of food bowl for your dog; do not over face a puppy with a massive bowl as they do not require a huge amount of food at a young age and on the larger scale of owning a dog the cost of another bigger food bowl as your pup grows is minimal. If you have an adult dog obviously the same works in reverse do not buy a bowl which is too small for them to use comfortably.

The depth of the bowl is another key factor and this is dependable on your dog’s face size, some dogs possess very short muzzles therefore requiring a shallow bowl to feed from and the long muzzled breeds can afford to eat from a deeper bowl. If you own spaniels there are specific bowls available for them which cater for their adorable pendant styled ears.

Dogs also enjoy shoving their food bowls around the floor so opting for a heavier ceramic bowl is also an advantage when it comes to your canine playing musical food bowls!

The larger breeds also appreciate eating from an elevated food bowl as this prevents them from stooping over and having to swallow their food whilst bending; these types of bowls are known as ergonomic feeders.

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