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Flea Issues

For an insect that is so small in its stature the flea can surprisingly cause dogs and their owners no end of problems. Fleas are particularly hardy insects with a life expectancy of between a couple of weeks right through to a couple of years depending on their environment. The trouble is that during their life a pair of little fleas can produce literally millions of delightful, little offspring! The female flea can lay up to 50 eggs in just one day.
Reactions to fleas vary from dog to dog, some can experience a mild skin irritation and others can suffer from a very serious allergic reaction to fleas. The problem is that these little insects feed on your dog’s blood and a worst case scenario is that a flea infestation if left untreated can lead to anaemia. You may not even spot fleas on your canine friend but instead discover flea dirt or flea bites on yourself.

Fleas actually possess 4 main parts to their lives, the egg which generally falls from your dog and sets up home in your carpet they hatch from a few days to a few months dependable upon the conditions. The next step from this is the larva they are approximately 6.35mm in length and feeding on any debris discovered on the carpet, this stage lasts for 5 – 18 days. The larva then spins a safe cocoon and pupates.

The third stage is the pupa stage and this is the final one prior to adulthood. The flea can break free from its cocoon within 3 – 5 days or it can actually remain in the safety of its cocoon for a year if it chooses too. When the flea emerges it will find itself a suitable host and so the cycle of life for the flea begins once again.

As dog owners the best course of action is certainly one of prevention and not one of cure. There are plenty of products that can be used on your dog on a regular basis to protect them from fleas.

Many are spot on products; they are simply applied to the back of the dog’s neck, on the skin and just left. This treatment is generally repeated every month or so. The point that many people do not realise is that fleas are not just a summer problem anymore due to central heating they can live quite happily all year.

Remember to also treat your house if your dog has encountered a flea problem because just ridding your dog of the fleas is not enough as they will still be residing in your carpets.

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