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Feeding Your Puppy

There is nothing quite as alarming as walking into your local pet shop and being confronted by, what seems like, a million different types of dog food! The array is bewildering and even more so if you are just starting out in the canine world.

It is not simply a case of selecting a flavour either, do you opt for dry food, wet food, in a can, in a pouch or in a bag?

We will presume your puppy’s 6-8 weeks old as any younger than this and the pup should not have left its mother yet, the person you acquire your puppy from will be able to tell you what food the puppy is eating and should happily provide you with a small amount of the food.

Puppies develop quickly therefore they require a good, substantial diet. The best way to feed your pup is little and often because although their energy levels are very high their stomachs are only small so say four meals daily until he/she is about four months old and then reduce the meals to three a day. When your puppy is six months old alter again to feeding just twice a day, this will then be their routine for life. Now some owners prefer a ‘free feeding’ idea but I personally would not recommend this especially not with a puppy, it is always a better idea to remove any food which has not been eaten (and believe me with a healthy pup there should be none left!) and to adhere to a set routine with the same food and the same timings.

If you start to change things around too much you could easily upset your puppy’s delicate digestive system. You are looking for a balanced diet which will be quickly digested and produce a normal stool from your pup.

If you are finding that the diet you are feeding is causing problems then you must still make any alterations slowly, introduce the new food to your puppy over the course of a week by slowly reducing their old food and increasing their new food. By doing it this way you are allowing their digestive system the opportunity to accept the new food without it upsetting them.

Many vets will recommend a dry food because of the added benefit of keeping the teeth in good condition, the premium more expensive brands are the best ones, yes they are more money but you actually feed less of the food than if you choose a cheaper variety. It is the same with tinned food always try to opt for a more expensive brand. Treats are a brilliant way of bonding with your puppy and reinforcing positive behaviour during training sessions but always ensure the treats you use are specifically designed for puppies.

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