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Extra Vitamins

Should you provide your dog with extra vitamins in their diet? This is a topic that seems to raise its head quite often in the canine world and one which seems to cause a lot of confusion to dog owners.
Some people will always maintain that your dog will receive all the necessary nutrients and vitamins required from his/her normal dog food whilst other people will stress that you must give your dog a regular dose of mineral and vitamin supplements via capsules or tablets. If you do not do this your dog could become poorly therefore the only way to ensure that your dog has continual good health is to provide him/her with supplements.

Now personally through research carried out and through actually speaking to a canine nutritionist I believe that although it is true that minerals, vitamins and various other nutritional substances are thought to be beneficial to your dog’s general health the correct food is the main issue.

If you feed your faithful friend a high quality dog food which is well balanced you will find that your dog’s nutritional requirements are met. A commercially available food which has been formulated specifically by a reputable dog food company will contain all the relevant ingredients.

The food will include essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and basically all the nutritional requirements which your dog needs to keep healthy.

To possess this type of ingredient list though the dog food must be categorised as a ‘high quality’ dog food and this cannot be stressed enough, there are numerous foods available which are simply just filler mixed with the smallest amount of meat content. Much of the ‘filler’ content will consist of wheat, corn and rice and all of these really do not provide your dog with any nutritional benefit.

The advantage with the higher quality foods is that they are prepared specifically to provide your dog with a healthy lifestyle therefore no extra supplements will be needed. If you do provide added supplements you could upset the already delicate balance of diet which your dog has.

There are other methods which can be followed to achieve your dog consuming extra nutrients other than administering pills, if you feel that you wish your dog to receive a ‘natural boost’. You could offer him/her some fish in the form of coley or a small amount of tuna, ensure you do not feed more than a taster of the tuna though as it is quite a rich fish.

As always if you are in any doubt consult your vet or a canine nutritionist and they will be able to advise you of the best course of action for your dog.

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