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Exercising Puppies

Puppies are like little wind-up toys, they go on and on until they eventually run out of steam! The question is should you let them just carry on zooming everywhere or should you try to stop them?

The answer to this question depends greatly on the breed of the puppy. The giant breeds of the canine world should really receive restricted exercise until they reach at least 18 months old; the bigger dogs are prone to orthopaedic problems and for this reason, it is best to wait until their bones have fully formed.

Young puppies tend to tire themselves out quickly and you’ll notice them running around one minute and then flaking out for a quick nap the next. Don’t be tempted to disturb them and force them to run around anymore simply leave them to rest, if you have children ensure they learn the ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ motto at an early age. Keep an eye on young pups as if you have a particularly determined one it will do its upmost to keep up with you during play, you’ll have to be the one to put a stop to the play when you feel they’ve had enough.

If you have more than one puppy in the household, it’s even more important to supervise their exercise as they’ll run around together and tire quickly. If one’s more energetic than the others it will probably attempt to wind the others up and keep them playing! When your puppy reaches around 5-6 months of age you can begin to take them on longer walks but still be observant and watch for signs of tiredness. At this tender age their bones will still be growing and will be susceptible to injury. Avoid your pup jumping up too much; young and delicate joints can be damaged easily by excessive jumping.

Of course, during all of this time it’s vital that you socialise your puppy by exposing him/her to as many different environments as possible, this can be started at a young age as your pup can be carried around. Simply take them to different locations such as busy shopping centres and parks and also let them experience various things like riding on buses and trains.

When your young puppy is heading towards a year old you can up the tempo with their exercise, now they can go for longer walks, start jogging with you and even begin agility classes. Always remember that exercise plays a key factor in your dog’s well-being without it they’ll soon become bored and restless, an exercised pooch is a happy pooch!

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