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Every Pooch in its Place!

Sometimes it’s handy to have a place that your canine chum can go to where you know they’ll be safe and happy but out from underneath your feet for five minutes! This is especially true with young puppies that seem to possess an incredible knack of always being right where you’d rather they weren’t!

Now I’m not talking about sending a naughty pooch to its bed or corner of the room type of place, more of a safe haven for them and a location that they don’t associate with punishment.

This exercise or command is known as a ‘target exercise’ purely as you’re training your dog/puppy to a target, in this instance, a place. Before you begin, your pooch must understand the commands ‘down’ and ‘stay’ as they’ll be used during the training. Choose an area to use as your dog’s ‘place’ it can be anywhere and on anything from a mat or towel on the floor to a dog bed if you prefer. The whole concept of the exercise is to pick a designated area and to ensure your dog knows that going there doesn’t mean he/she has been reprimanded.

Next, select your word such as ‘place,’ ‘go,’ ‘mat.’ Any word will suffice just ensure it doesn’t sound like any other word you already use.

Stand by your pooch away from the ‘area’ and gently throw a doggy treat onto the ‘area’ whilst saying your chosen word. Allow your dog to trundle over and collect the treat praise them for doing this. If there’s no interest shown find another treat! Most dogs will have a weakness or if your pooch is more toy orientated try with a toy, whatever achieves your dog going to the ‘area’ is the key. Now when your dog seems content with fetching either the treat or toy from the ‘area’ begin pointing to the ‘area’ and saying your dog’s name followed by the chosen word. They’ll hopefully go to the ‘area’ in the hope of discovering another treat or their toy, when they make contact with the ‘area’ even if it’s small like popping a paw in the ‘area’ praise them.

Then you can work from here and add in more commands. Once your dog’s in the ‘area’ ask him/her to sit then work to a down command and eventually wait or stay. In the end you only want to give the one command of the location such as ‘mat’ or ‘bed’ and your dog should know what’s required. You’re not punishing them but rather requesting that they have some ‘time-out’ very useful when you have guests and your pooch is a little too friendly towards them, or when you’re eating and don’t really fancy a furry nose in your food!

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