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Dogs for the Elderly

The faithful dog has been a wonderful companion for centuries now. Most people have their favourite breed and this appears to vary with age. When choosing the dog that will be your loving and loyal friend for the years to come you have to be sure that you select the breed carefully. This is paramount for the elderly.

Having a faithful dog around can be very beneficial for an elderly person and this is especially true if the person happens to live on their own. Research and studies carried out prove that the company of a dog can improve the overall well-being and health of the elderly.

Their dog becomes their friend in life and someone to share their love and affection with. The concept of therapy dogs visiting nursing homes was born from the idea of offering company to those elderly people that may not have a lot else in their lives.
Some of the residents may have had to give up their own dog when they went into a nursing home so to them the visiting therapy dog is a welcomed treat.

The best dogs for the elderly are those that are neither too big or too strong. The wonderful advantage with the smaller dogs is the fact that they also make lovely lap dogs, they are quite content to hop on a lap and fall to sleep. This makes them the best choice for an elderly person.

My Border collie thinks he is a lap dog, many a night I have been sitting trying to view the television with a daft collie sat on my lap! I do not have the heart to explain to him that he is too big.

Some popular breeds amongst the elderly are Schnauzers as these are available in miniature too, Pugs although they can be quite playful, Cocker Spaniels, Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers and West Highland Terriers.

There are many other small breeds of dog that would suit an elderly person as a loyal and affectionate companion. Never purchase a dog for an elderly relative or friend though without consulting them first, you may think it is a good idea but this does not mean that they will.

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