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Dog Owner Training

It is very often stated that when you attend dog training school it is not the dogs that are in need of training but the owners. Your dog can only actually carry out what you tell them to do. If your instruction is unclear how can you expect your dog to perform the command properly?
One of the problems with dog training that is very often encountered is that it does require a lot of patience from the owner. Patience is not a quality that many people possess, especially in today’s stressful world. The non-coercive methods of training are all based on a positive reinforcement regime.

These methods do involve a strong commitment from the owner. Many of the ‘older style’ dog training ways were based on more violent approaches. If your dog did not perform the relevant command requested of it the dog would receive a smack and a stern telling off.

Sure these ‘harder’ methods would normally see results but at what cost? The dog would learn through fear, it would perform the task asked of it because it would be literally terrified of receiving a smack. You want your dog to complete a command because it genuinely wishes to please you, it enjoys you being happy.

Now this is not to say that we are all saints, everyone has a breaking point. The most patient of dog owners have a patience line drawn and sometimes your dog will unfortunately cross over the line. The best thing you can do if you discover yourself in this position is to simply walk away from your dog and continue the training later.

Dogs learn best when they are having fun and also in short training sessions. The trick is to maintain the happy, upbeat feeling throughout the duration of the training and this is easier accomplished if the session is kept short. Remember at the end of the day your dog is just that, your ‘dog.’

Although certain breeds of dog are blessed with more intelligence than others, do not expect miracles. Training takes time and patience. Your dog does not instantly know what you want from him / her, you have to lead the way and explain to your dog what you would like him / her to do.

Discover the time of day when you feel that your dog learns the best. Your pooch could be a morning dog or perhaps they appear to pick things up better of an afternoon. Keep to the time that works best for your dog and of course you, and just be patient.

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