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Dog Handlers

If you are considering working with dogs but cannot quite decide which way to turn then how about becoming a dog handler? Dogs are ‘employed’ for various tasks by various organisations including the police, armed forces, fire and rescue and even prisons use dogs at times.
The police use their dogs for crowd control, as guard dogs, to search for drugs or weapons, tracking offenders and chasing and bringing them to a halt. In the armed forces the dogs are generally used to guard camps, mainly during the night, and also for detecting drugs and explosives.

Fire and rescue services have dogs working with them to search and locate missing people in disasters or who have simply become lost perhaps whilst out hiking or similar. Many of these brave dogs are used in situations such as the aftermath of an earthquake, the dogs are sent into collapsed buildings to search for people.

The prison service has used the presence of dogs for many years hoping to ‘worry’ the prisoners. There is nothing quite like a snarling German shepherd to keep people in line! The dogs are used mainly for guarding the prison’s perimeter and also for searching the visitors to ensure they are not smuggling any items in.

Many of the working dogs actually live with their handlers as part of a normal family environment; the handler is then obviously responsible for the dog’s care. A lot of the dogs end up staying with their handlers and their families when they are too old to continue their working lives as the bond has grown so strong by this time between the dog and their handler that most would struggle to say goodbye now!

To be a dog handler you will have to be capable of coping with many hours of endless standing, walking and running. The weather is another factor to consider as you will be out in the depths of the winter and in the pouring rain at times.

To make the grade you will need to demonstrate that you can care for the dog’s needs, work as part of a team, be reliable, possess patience and stamina, be physically fit and healthy and have the capability to build a good working relationship between yourself and your canine partner.

The position is perfect if you are considering a career with dogs as you are able to work with the one thing that you adore and you are also helping to fight crime.

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