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Dog Groomer

Many dog owners enlist theassistance of a professional dog groomer from time to time to groom their best canine friend. This can be for numerous reasons, lack of time to groom their dog themselves, lack of confidence or maybe they just like their dog to be pampered for the day!
If you are considering entering into the world of dog grooming as a profession then there is a lot to think about.

Dog grooming is hard work it involves much more than simply picking up a brush and running it through the dog’s fur. There is training to be completed and of course you must have a true dedication to dogs in general, a genuine love for them is a must.

The best plan of action is to attend a seminar regarding dog grooming, have a hunt through some of the dog related magazines available to find a local seminar. The people displaying and working at the seminar will all be professional dog groomers or involved in some significant way with grooming dogs.

It is the perfect venue to begin researching the work so do not be afraid to ask plenty of questions, there will be grooming demonstrations taking place and lots of advice on setting up your own business.

The basic training is imperative to enter into the world of dog grooming and several colleges teach the art of grooming dogs, you will also find that some local kennels and dog grooming parlours are generally willing to hire people looking to learn the trade. Do not expect to be paid a fortune whilst you are learning just think of it as being ‘paid’ in knowledge and not in money!

Ideally you are looking for the ultimate way to learn and that is to become an apprentice in a dog grooming establishment; many people learn via this route and they begin as a dog bather which I should imagine to be a lot of fun at times.

An apprentice will slowly work their way up until they are allowed to actually clip a dog’s coat under the scrutiny of the person in charge. There is no better way to gain the ‘hands on’ experience that is so vital when trying to enter into dog grooming than to work in a grooming parlour.

Just remember though that you must possess a genuine love and respect for all kinds of dogs, studying the practical grooming side of things and gaining a certificate is good but without the natural love the studying is a waste of time.

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